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Service prices

Our prices for all services and supports in the NDIS are in line with the latest NDIS Price Guide.

NDIS prices are reviewed annually to ensure that NDIS participants receive value for money and that service providers, like ourselves, can provide services in a sustainable market.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

We charge for NDIS-funded services according to the most current NDIS Price Guide.

This includes Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) items for applicable services.

Services include daily personal activities, group and centre-based activities, high intensity daily personal activities, participation in community, social and civic activities, etc.

For support items with TTP prices in see NDIS price guide and the NDIS support catalogue.


Why choose us?

  • Highly skilled in the disability sector.

  • Easy access to our services.

  • No waiting time and long lists.

  • We listen to you and customise your support to meet your needs.

  • Our staff are highly skilled and have extensive experience supporting all needs including high and complex needs.

  • We are committed to the highest standards of quality and safeguards. Our philosophy values social justice believing that every person must be supported to realise their fullest potential no matter what they can or cannot do. All must be given a chance.

  • Highly qualified, trained, and experienced staff.

  • We follow stringent screening of our workers including thorough interviews, police check both national and international, and Working with Children Checks and Disability Workers Exclusion Scheme checks.

  • Our staff are drawn from a wide range of cultural needs to meet your individual needs.

  • We meet sector quality certification and legislative requirements.

  • We provide our support staff with ongoing professional development, industry and practice training, reflective practice, and accredited training to ensure that our practice is informed by current trends and changes.

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