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Smiling Friends


Super community care (SCC) is a market leader in the disability sector. We are committed to make a positive change in people living with disabilities and their family.


We are committed to deliver what we have promised. Our services are based on the relationships that we form with each participant and each staff. We match our clients with staff that have the skills and experience to match every client support needs.


This our Golden Rule. We are trusted by our clients to deliver what we commit ourselves to. We believe in transparency and openness in all our transactions.

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We are always striving to reach high marks of excellence in the delivery of our services. Our primary focus is to exceed our client's expectations by going that one extra mile. This is fundamental to us.


We believe and respect the value and integrity of each person irrespective of their abilities. It is who people are that matters to us other than what they do or can do. We value the well-being of every individual embodied in our motto.

Your care...Our priority

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